Jacob N. Caton

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Department of English and Philosophy
Arkansas State University
P.O. Box 1890
State University, AR 72467

Office: Humanities and Social Sciences 4052
Office Phone: 1.870.972.2626
Dept. Office Phone: 1.870.972.3043


Socrates, Pop Art Style 

I work primarily in epistemology and cognitive science, and I have interests in philosophical logic, decision theory, and philosophy of artificial intelligence.

Curriculum Vitae (current as of Feb., 2023)

Teaching: this semester (Spring 2024) I am teaching AI & Us (PHIL 4883) which was given "Signature Course" status, and Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1103).

In previous semesters, I've taught:

Sp Topics: Philosophy of Cognitive Science (PHIL 4883)
Sp Topics: Experimental Philosophy (PHIL 4883)
Philosophy of Science (PHIL 3423)
Theory of Knowledge (PHIL 3403)
History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (PHIL 3213)
Introduction to Cognitive Science (PHIL 2403)
Logic and Practical Reasoning (PHIL 1503)
Introduction to Philosophy--Theme: Robots and Animals (PHIL 1103)
Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 1103)