Inorganic Chemistry   Experiment 9 Spring 2002


 X-ray Single Crystal Structure Determination

    The X-ray experiment involves collecting data from a single crystal, then modeling the data through the use of computer programs.  Students, under the guidance of Professor Cordes (University of Arkansas), will solve the crystal structure following the provided instructions from a data set previously collected .  Then the students will do a second structure determination, using the knowledge gained from the first structure determination.  Students will work in groups of two.  Each student must submit their own lab report.  If duplication occurs on the lab reports, all students with duplicate reports will receive a fraction of the average grade for the group.  The write up should include a brief introduction, a description of the x-ray experiment (from start to finish) and a results and discussion section, describing the structure solution of your compounds. You should include as much information about the structure of the compound(s) as possible.  The ORTEP plot(s) must be included in the report for full credit.  The report must be typed, double spaced.  This experiment is worth 20 lab points and will be due Friday, March 29, 2002 by 5:00 pm.

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