CHEM4232 Chemical Literature   Spring 2005
Dr. Draganjac  LSW549 Office 
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Course:  2:00-2:50 MW   LSE206

Office hours:  10-10:50 MTWRF  (Other times by appointment)

This course is designed to cover the techniques used to search the chemical literature.  The course will be divided into two sections: a) In class/ out of class assignments and b) the individual project.
In class/ out of class assignments:  200 points
Project: 100 points
300 total points

1 Sources of Chemical Information
2 Chemical Abstracts
3 Chemical Journals
Chemical Journals Results
4 Reading the Journals
5 Inter-library Loan
6 Reference Materials
7 Spectral Reference Material
8 Internet Resources
9 Searching the Web
10 Chemical Citations

Final Project:  Each student will be given an area to search (example: inorganic polymers).  The student will prepare a bibliography of pertinant references with the authors, journal, volume, year, pages and title of the article/ book (minimum of 30 references).  A copy of this list is to be given to each class member.  A Power Point presentation over your search techniques will be presented, including an introduction of your search term (for instance, define an inorganic polymer, show examples, with references).  The presentation must be at least 30 minutes.
Name Topic Presentation date:
Nisana Andersen metal dithiolene complexes April 11, 2005
Jennifer Gil metal thiophene complexes April 13, 2005
Gayle Nichols metal thiol complexes April 18, 2005
Misty Thompson metal polysulfide complexes April 20, 2005
Jerrod Scarborough metal sugar complexes April 25, 2005

Revised 4/4/05