CHEM4281 Seminar
CHEM6581 Graduate Seminar
  Fall 2006
Dr. Draganjac  LSW549 Office 
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The class will consist of homework/in class assignments (100 pts) and one 40-45 minute seminar (100 pts).  Topics to be announced.  Final grade is also dependent on the length of the final seminar.  No one will receive an A for the course if the seminar is less than 40 minutes.  Prerequisite: CHEM4232 Chemical Literature

Attendance is an important part of a seminar class and each absence will cost 10 points from your total.

We will discuss the aspects of making a good seminar, the writing of abstracts and the preparation of transparencies.

Seminar Dates:
Date: Type of presentation: Speaker(s):
August 23 5 minute presentations everyone
August 30 5 minute presentations everyone chalk talk - chemistry
September 6 discuss presentations
September 13 discussion of PowerPoint
September 20 5 minute presentations everyone PowerPoint - chemistry
discussion of abstracts
September 27 open
October 4 open
October 11 15 minute presentations Joshua
October 18 15 minute presentations Benjamin, Kenneth
October 25 15 minute presentations Joshua
November 1 15 minute presentations Benjamin, Kenneth
November 8 40 minute presentation Joshua
November 15 40 minute presentation
November 22 Fall Break
November 29 40 minute presentation Benjamin

Metal Alloys: Properties and Uses - Joshua Green
Chemistry of Nonmetals - Benjamin Quayle
 Photosynthesis: The Processes and Elements That They Require - Kenneth Bearden

students must turn in a copy of their final PowerPoint presentation

Revised 9/25/06