Reminder about weather-related announcements
When inclement weather strikes, all of us naturally want to know as soon as possible how it might affect us.  However, it is easy to understand the problems which can arise when hundreds of people try to call University Police or news media outlets seeking information.  This note is offered as a reminder, and faculty might want to share it with students: In the event of closing, ASU will announce that information as quickly as possible through KASU, 91.9 FM; the scroll on the ASU web page; local television and radio; and through a recorded message on the ASU switchboard, 972-2100.  Please try to keep police and media lines free for emergencies and other notifications.

Inclement Weather Policy (from the student handbook):
“The university remains open for academic classes and all other services during inclement weather except in extreme circumstances determined solely by the president of the university. Regional and local news media will publicize the closing. Commuter students are encouraged to use good judgment in deciding whether to drive to campus during inclement weather. In those cases where the decision is made not to travel to campus under this policy, it is the responsibility of the student to immediately contact each of his/her professors upon return to explain the circumstances and to determine the need to complete any missed assignments. The student is responsible for all missed assignments during inclement weather within a time frame to be determined by the professor.”