IR spectrophotometer


Procedure for Obtaining an Infrared Spectrum

1. Sign log book.
2. Open MIDAC GRAMS_32
3. Select Collect
4. Go to Parameter Settings. Make sure the following settings are chosen:
Resolution 4
Begin 4000
End 600
Scans 32
% Trans
5. Click on MIDAC EZ
6. Click on Background. Use air as the background.
7. Place sample in spectrophotometer.
8. Click on SampleBe sure to type in the sample name.
9. Click on Print.  (To print landscape, go to advanced, under File, go to printer setup and select landscape.  You can print from the File menu or you can go back to MIDAC EZ and click on Print).
10. Close window
11. Sign out in the log book.
Note: These procedures are the minimum needed to collect a spectrum.

CHEM4204 Experiment list

Revised 11/22/02