National Chemistry Week
October 21-27, 2007

""The Many Faces of Chemistry ""


This year's National Chemistry Week celebration will take place October 21-27 and the theme concerns the many different career opportunities for chemists.

For this year's project, each student in the Descriptive Inorganic class will prepare a web page and a PowerPoint presentation that focuses on career possibility for a chemist.  page info

Career: Page prepared by:
Medicinal Manufacturer Ranisha Brown
Pharmaceutical Chemist Lucreshia Doaks
Clinical Pharmacy Robbyn Hanson
Geochemistry Jennifer Haynes
Retail Pharmacist Marinda Hutchison
Medical Technologist Shannon Hutson
X-Ray Technician Greg Lance
Agricultural Scientist Holly McGuire
Biochemistry Ashley Newman
Pulp and Paper Chemistry Gayle Nichols
Forensic Scientists Nicole Noall
Nuclear Pharmacist Chirag Patel
High School Chemistry Teacher Trishia Phillips
Analytical Chemist Amias Polk
Waste Water Treatment Brandon Rivera
Chemical Engineers Lindy Rodery
Infusion Pharmacy Greta Schmidt
Perfumer Joseph Shnaekel
Wine Industry Lynnsey Simpson

Ophthalmology (Contact Lens Development)

Megan Steed
Pyrotechnics Kyle Thompson
Hydrology and Environmental Chemistry Amy Ward

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