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Cation/ Anion List
Worksheet for naming ions

Students enrolled in Dr. Draganjac's Introduction to Chemistry (CHEM1003), General Chemistry I (CHEM1013) and General Chemistry II (CHEM1023) classes are responsible for learning the names and formulae for the common acids and common reagents and for learning the names, formulae and the charges for the common cations and anions listed below:

Common Cations (Grouped by Charge):
Name Formula Other name
+1 ions:    
Ammonium NH4+
Copper(I) Cu+ Cuprous
Hydrogen H+ Proton
Hydronium H3O+
Lithium Li+
Nitronium NO2+
Potassium K+
Silver Ag+
Sodium Na+
+2 ions:    
Barium Ba+2
Calcium Ca+2
Chromium(II) Cr+2 Chromous
Copper(II) Cu+2 Cupric
Iron(II) Fe+2 Ferrous
Lead(II) Pb+2
Magnesium Mg+2
Manganese(II) Mn+2 Manganous
Mercury(I) Hg2+2 Mercurous
Mercury(II) Hg+2 Mercuric
Strontium Sr+2
Tin(II) Sn+2 Stannous
Zinc Zn+2
+3 ions:    
Chromium(III) Cr+3 Chromic
Aluminum Al+3
Iron(III) Fe+3 Ferric
Manganese(III) Mn+3 Manganic
+4 ions:    
Tin(IV) Sn+4 Stannic
Common Anions (Grouped by Charge):
-1 ions:      
Hydride H- Nitrate NO3-
Fluoride F- Nitrite NO2-
Chloride Cl- Perchlorate ClO4-
Bromide Br- Chlorate ClO3-
Iodide I- Chlorite ClO2-
Cyanide CN- Hypochlorite OCl-
Cyanate OCN- Iodate IO3-
Thiocyanate SCN- Bromate BrO3-
Hydroxide OH- Hypobromite OBr-
Amide NH2- Permanganate MnO4-
Acetate CH3COO- Dihydrogen phosphate H2PO4-
Formate HCOO- Hydrogen sulfate HSO4-
Hydrogen carbonate
or Bicarbonate
-2 ions:      
Oxide O2- Hydrogen phosphate HPO42-
Sulfide S2- Chromate CrO42-
Sulfate SO42- Dichromate Cr2O72-
Thiosulfate S2O32- Carbonate CO32-
Sulfite SO32- Oxalate C2O42-
Peroxide O22-
-3 ions:           
Nitride N3- Arsenate AsO43-
Phosphate PO43- Arsenite AsO33-

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