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Chemistry and Physics

Volume 7
May 2006
M. Draganjac, Newsletter Editor


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Editor's Comments:

First let me say that this will be my last newsletter.  I have enjoyed reading about the successes of our alumni and I wish all of you continued success in your careers and in your lives.  Though I have received numerous favorable comments from former students, and would like to continue, the lack of support from the faculty just make it too difficult to continue.  I would like to thank Drs. Panigot, Zhang and Li for their continuous support and submitting their productivity.  Maybe it is a good thing that the faculty are too busy to send me their news items, as the department continues to grow in its research capacity.  We have hired a new chair, Dr. John Pratte, from Kennesaw State in Georgia, and look forward to his leadership.  With his background in Physics and education, we hope he takes our department to new heights.  Our faculty continue to receive grants and publish their research.  The number of students involved in both undergraduate and graduate studies has increased, and we are even hiring post-docs to aid in the research efforts.  Faculty with joint appointments with the Arkansas Biosciences Institute and our department continues to grow.  We have hired a new analytical chemists, Dr. Kelly Redeker and are in the process of hiring a protein chemist to work with ABI, and another physicist.  The department is as strong as it has ever been.  We hope to keep the department as one of the best in the state.

Mark Draganjac, Editor
Current Faculty and Staff:

Susan Allen - Chemical Physics
William Burns - Physical Chemistry
Sam Cron - Environmental Science
Carolyn Dowling - Environmental Chemistry
Mark Draganjac - Inorganic Chemistry
Anne Grippo - Biochemistry
Robyn Hannigan - Environmental Chemistry and Geochemistry
Dawn Hefner - Instructor
Bruce Johnson - Biophysics, Condensed Matter Physics
Tillman Kennon - Science Education
Sergey Kudryasov - Chemical Physics
Maung Kyaw - Organic Chemistry
Bao-An Li - Nuclear Physics
Richard Lloyd - Physics
Argelia Lorence -
Julie Morrow - Geology
Jennifer Norris - Physical Science
Mike Panigot - Organic Chemistry
Kelly Redeker - Analytical
Scott Reeve - Chemical Physics
Andy Sustich - Nuclear Physics
Larry Weaver - Physics
William Wyatt - Physical Chemistry
Bin Zhang - Nuclear Physics

Mary Wright - Secretary
Ben Rougeau - Research Assistant/ Stockroom Manager

Thank You

The  faculty of the Department of Chemistry and Physics would like to thank all of you that have contributed to the Department. With your continued support, we hope to continue to grow and improve the Department both academically and in our research capacity.

Alumni News:
We would like to hear from you. Tell us what you are doing now and we'll include it in the newsletter. Also, please include your degree and the year that you graduated.  Write, call or e-mail us.

Department of Chemistry and Physics
P.O. Box 419
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Office:  (870) 972 -3272
Fax:  (870) 972 -3089

Alumni eGroup - where has the Alumni eGroup gone? There hasn't been much activity lately, maybe we are all busier.  Please let us hear from you.  Allen Goad is still running the group.  The web address is:

Others that sent letters or e-mails are:

Layla Bland recently finished her PhD in Organic Chemistry at Purdue University working with Dr. P. V. Ramachandran


Department News:

Welcome: Dr. Argelia Lorence has joined us this year.  Dr. Lorence is working for ABI, and is part of our Department. Also welcome to Dr. Kelly Redeker.

Good luck:  to Drs. Kimberly Mace, Juliet Hahn and Rich Maiorino, who have moved on in their careers. Also good luck to Dr. Mike Panigot, who is serving as interim chair for the 2005 - 06 academic year, and to Dr. Robyn Hannigan, who has been appointed director of the Environmental Sciences program at ASU, as if she needed anything else to do with her already busy schedule.

Congratulations:  Dr. Robyn Hannigan has been awarded the 2005-06 Dean's Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award for Scholarship and Ms. Mary Wright was awarded the 2005-06 Dean's Distinguished Staff Achievement Award.

Promotion: Dr. Bin Zhang was promoted to Associate Professor of Physics with tenure last year.  A well deserved promotion I might add.

Hannigan & Dowling receive renewal grant: $434,000
Congratulations to Dr. Robyn Hannigan, Environmental Sciences, and Dr. Carolyn Dowling, Chemistry, for receiving a $434,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. The five-year grant is a renewal and will continue the highly successful Research Internships in Science of the Environment (RISE). RISE provides summer research experiences in environmental sciences to under-represented minority and first-generation/low income undergraduate science majors from across the United States. RISE is designed specifically to meet the education needs of under-represented minority students with the primary goal of increasing the diversity of the science workforce.

Other news:
Dr. Tillman Kennon served as President of the Arkansas Science Teachers Association (ASTA).

Department Seminar Series:  The seminar series has been incorporated in to the Science Seminar series and the ACS seminars.  All of the seminars are open to the public.  Feel free to attend.

Molecular sciences Ph.D. program gets approval
The Higher Learning Commission has approved ASU's proposal for a new Ph.D. program in molecular biosciences.  The program will accept applications through Dec. 1, 2005 for those wish to start classes in the spring semester.  This will be a cross-disciplinary program emphasizing discovery in disciplines such as agriculture, medicine, forensics, environmental sciences, food sciences and renewable energy.  Dr. Tom Wheeler, program director, may be contacted at 972-3300.

Scholarly Activity:

During the past year, the Department of Chemistry and Physics has continued to publish articles in national/international journals and state/regional journals. In addition, scholarly presentations have been made at state, regional, national and international  meetings. Many of these papers have been presented by students who participated in the research. Our students have played an important role in the research and presentations of our Department. The department has also received funding from outside sources and may receive additional funding from grants which are now in review.  A listing of a few of our activities is found below:

Grants:  Several of the Faculty have received grants this year.  Funding helps support research and teaching efforts in the department.  Grants include:


Publications: The Department has been active in publishing their research.  The publications include:


Presentations: The faculty and students of the Department of Chemistry and Physics have made numerous presentations over the past year.  These include:


Student News: Department awards for 2005-06 are: B.S. Chemistry - Bryanna Broadaway; B. A. Chemistry - Ray Bob Harrison; B.S.E. Chemistry - Carolyn Redman; B. S. Physics - Bret Young; Dr. Glenn D. Cooper Memorial Scholarship Recipient - Ryan Adkins; Dr. Earnest Lee Saunders Memorial Scholarship Recipient - Bradley Hyman; Dr. David M. Chittenden Chemistry Scholarship Recipient - Casey Robinson.


Society of Physics Students: The ASU chapter of the Society of Physics Students was active this past year.  Highlights include funded trips to the National Center for Physical Acoustics at Ole Miss and an overnight trip to the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.  The president of SPS for both this year and last is Mr. Bret Yount. Dr. Bruce Johnson is the faculty advisor to SPS. (870)972-3087 ext.262.


Student Affiliates, American Chemical Society: Under Dr. Mark Draganjac, the ACS group received a Commendable Chapter Award from the National ACS for the 2004/05 academic year .  Congratulations to all who made the ACS group a success. Officers were Matt Whiteside and Jacob Walls (President), Bryanna Lies (Vice-President), Brad Hamilton (Secretary) and Randi Sebourn (Treasurer).    For more information, see the ACS Student Affiliate web page
Sheffield Kent, Jodi Burrows and Justin Yancey at the 231st National Meeting in Atlanta after the award ceremony.