General Chemistry II (CRN60055)


Fall 2017


Dr. Draganjac 

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CHEM 1023 General Chemistry II

Study of liquids, solids, solutions and the fundamentals of chemical kinetics, chemical equilibria, acids and bases, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry. Special course fees may apply. Prerequisites, CHEM 1011 and CHEM 1013.

Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\mdraganj\Documents\draganjac_files\ax4.gifOffice hours: 9:00 - 10:50 TR  (Other times by appointment)

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Tests:         6 exams    (600 points total)

Final exam: Thursday, December 7 - 10:15 am. Room: TBA.  The final is comprehensive.

Grading is straight percentages:  90+, A; 80-89.999, B; 70-79.999, C; 60-69.999, D; Below 60, F.

Makeup Exams: Scheduled at the end of the semester.  One exam may be missed with no excuse given.  Only two exams may be replaced with prior approval of the instructor.  More than two exams missed will be handled on an individual basis. All makeup exams must be taken before the beginning of finals (Wednesday, Dec. 6).

Make-up exams:

see exam schedule page

Exams will be given after each of the following Chapter units:

1. Liquids, Solids 

study guide; old exam

2. Solutions 

study guide; old exam

. Thermodynamics 


     b) entropy; Gibbs Free Energy

3. Kinetics and Chemical equilibria 

 study guide; old exam

     a) kinetics


     b) solution equilibria

4. Acid-Base equilibria 

study guide; old exam

     a) Naming of acids


     b) Conjugate Acid/Base Pairs

     c) Acid-Base Equilibria - Ka

     d) Buffers

5. Solutions and Electrochemistry 

study guide; old exam

     a) net ionic equations


     b) Ksp

     c) redox reactions


     d) electrochemistry


    Organic Chemistry  time permitting


             Flow chart for determining class of Organic compounds



Program Objective

Appropriately apply presented concepts and chemical principles to chemistry related issues. (introduce)

In order to keep track off your grades, a Grade Performance Sheet is available.  Simply print off the form and fill it in with your grades or bring it to me (Dr. Draganjac), and I will give you your grades.  Keep in mind this is a generic form to be used with all of Draganjac's classes.   Federal Law prohibits discussion of your grade with anyone.  Also grades cannot be given by e-mail or over the phone.

*Graphing Calculators and cell phone calculators are not permitted in CHEM1003, CHEM1013 or CHEM1023.
A solar powered Texas Instrument Scientific Calculator (estimated cost: below $15) is recommended.  The simpler, the better.  You need one to do multiple roots, logs (base 10 and natural logs) and scientific notation.

Students are expected to know the compounds/ ions on the Cation/ Anion list.

Students who require academic adjustments in the classroom due to a disability must first register with ASU Disability Services.  Following registration and within the first two weeks of class, please contact me to discuss appropriate academic accommodation. Appropriate arrangements can be made to ensure equal access to this course.

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