Inorganic Chemistry 

 Experiment 1

Spring 2017

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Surfing the Internet

    Some of you have done a version of this experiment in Descriptive; for others this will be new.  An important tool for scientists is the world wide web, but we must be able to obtain useful information from the web.  There are many sites and search engines and not all contain the same information. The assignment for this lab is to search the Web using four search engines (i.e, Google, Infoseek, Excite, Bing, Webcrawler, Yahoo, etc.), search the Ingenta site, to enter the NIST data base and search the ACS page.

Search Engines
 Using Internet Explorer, use any four search engines of your choice. You must use the following:

Do a search on the four engines (two of your choice) using the same word.  The word you search is up to you.  It does not have to be science oriented.  After the search is complete, make sure you summarize the results of the search in your lab report (see details for write-up below).


SciFinder and Google Scholar

You will need to register for SciFinder.  This is done by going to the ASU Library's web site (under data bases).

Once into the SciFinder website, you are to do a word and an author search.  Each person will have a separate word and author.  You are to search:





M. Rakowski-Dubois



K. Dunbar



A.    A. Cotton



D. Coucouvanis



R. Chianelli



T. B. Rauchfuss



M. Kanatzidis



R. J. Angelici

You can enter Google Scholar at the following address:

Once into the Google Scholar website, search your assigned word and author.

Write up your results of the searches and briefly describe the information given for a typical "hit".

Data off of the Web
    Enter the NIST Chemistry Webbook data base:

Find a compound off of this data base that you want to see. Once the compound has been loaded, print a spectrum for the compound (IR, MS, etc.) for your lab report.


   Enter the Spectral Database for Organic Compounds, SDBS:

Find a compound off of this data base that you want to see. Once the compound has been loaded, print a spectrum for the compound (IR, MS, etc.) for your lab report.


American Chemical Society Webpage:
    Find the national ACS web page and go to the student affiliate page.  On this page is a listing of ACS webpages for various universities and colleges.  Tell how many different schools have webpages listed here and look at any 3 and briefly describe them.  For the ACS webpages, give the web address for each.


Web searchpage:
answer the following questions:

a)      Who is Venkatraman Ramakrishnan?

b)      What year did Henry Taube win the Nobel Prize?

c)      Who won the first Nobel Prize in Chemistry?

    The report must follow the guidelines on the Lab Report page. The report will be due by 5:00 pm on Friday, Feb. 10, 2017.  This lab will be worth 20 points of your lab grade.  No late reports will be accepted.  Note: do not wait until the day before the lab report is due to start the experiment.

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