Cool Flash Mob 'Freezes' in Grand Central Station - Amazing

The group Improve Everywhere has put a new touch on the flash mob concept that is taking root in our modern culture.

If you have ever witnessed, or seen a video of a real flash mob you understand how absolutely amazing it can be when it happens. One of our favorites is the food court flash mob at Christmas. But Improve Everywhere added a new dimension by actually having all the participants (over 200) "freeze" in place for exactly five minutes, and then reanimate and go on about their day. I can only imagine what an end time evangelical Christian might think if they saw something like this in person. It must make them think the rapture has arrived or something out of this world is happening. Just watch the expressions on the faces of some of these people as they try to digest what is happening. It does kind of give you goose bumps.

Watch the Grand Central Flash Mob Freeze in Place



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