Contact information:

Office: LSE 513

Phone: (870) 972 3215

Teaching at ASU

I teach Atmospheric Dynamics, Physical Chemisty (I and II, Advanced), Survey of Physical Chemistry, and General chemistry courses.


Other Significant Teaching Efforts


2011-2015 : Chemistry tutor for medical students taking the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

2010 : Advanced Placement (AP) Science Scholars day: Presented my research to some Northeast Arkansas High School Students as part of ASU outreach efforts.

2010 General Chemistry tutor to students from Arkansas Loiuse-Stokes Alliance for Minority Participitation (Ark_LSAMP) Program



Co-Coordinator and Mentor, ACS SEED program. This is an ACS funded program aimed at exposing economically disadvantaged high school students to research in laboratories at local Universities. This is an 8-10 week summer program (fully paid scholarship) where local high school sctudents are paired with a research mentor to complete a research project in the summer.

Principle Investigator for the Bridge the Divide Program (NSF # 1348389), an NSF funded program aimed at increasing the number of scientists and innovators from underrepresented groups in STEM fields through research and mentoring.

Campus coordinator for the Arkansas Louise Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (ARK_LSAMP) program. This is an NSF funded program which aims to increase the number of minority students in, and graduate from, STEM disciples.

Campus representative for the Arkansas Science and Technology Authority (ASTA) STEM initiative.

Co-Principle-Investigator, Experiential Learning Fellowship (ELF) Scholarship Program. This is another NSF funded program to introduce undergraduate students to research in STEM fields. My group focusses on air quality ( there is also a water quality, entomology and botany groups)

Faculty Mentor : EnvironMentors program at ASU. This is a National Council for Science and Environment (NCSE) program that connects high school students with faculty researchers are local colleges. This is to help the high school student experience an environmental research program to prepare them for life as an environmental researcher.

Faculty advisor : American Chemical Society (ACS) student club and the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at ASU.

University level : I am member of several committees (admission, curriculum, thesis,departmental, graduate college) and a poster judge for the CREATE @ ASTATE research symposium at ASU (2010-2013)

Regional level :

  • Program organizer, Chemistry, 67th Southwest Regional ACS conference, which was held in Austin, TX ( Nov 7-11, 2011)
  • Chair, chemistry session (morning and afternoon) at the 2011 annual research meeting of the Arkansas Academy of Science (AAS) and was also a judge for the chemistry oral and poster presentations at the same conference.
  • Poster judge ( 2010-2013) for the Arkansas INBRE research conference.

National level :

  • Co-symposium organizer, "Chemical Processes at Environmental Interfaces", at the 249th National American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting held in Denver Colorado (Mar 22-26, 2015)
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowshop program (GRFP) panelist ( 2012-2018)
  • Reviewed several NSF grants ( in 2011, 2012,2017)
  • Reviewer for a couple of journals ( Journal of colloid science, Journal of Physical chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics...)
  • Reviewed the Proceedings of the National Council of Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in 2011
  • Reviewed several books and book chapters.