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Dr. Hashim M. Ali , Professor

Chemistry and Physics Department and

the Environmental Science (EVS) program;

Arkansas State University-Jonesboro

Academic Background

  • Bsc.(Hons) Chemistry, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), 2000
  • PhD. Physical/Analytical Chemistry, University of Iowa, 2005

Postdoctoral Experience

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Iowa , 2006
  • Chemical and Materials Science Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, WA 2007-2009

Selected publication list:

    • X.-Y.Yu, J.P. Cowin, M.J. Iedema and Ali, H., "Fast time-resolved aerosol collector:Proof of concept", Atmos.Meas.Tech., 2010, 3 , 1377-1384.
    • Arora, T., Ali, H.,Burns, W.A.,Koizumi, E. and Koizumi, H., "Theoretical and ATR-FTIR Study of free 12-Crown-4 in Aqueos Solution," Chem. Phys. Lett., 2011, 502, 4, pp 253-258.

    • H.M. Ali, M.Iedema, X.-Y. Yu, J.P Cowin," Ionic strength dependence of the oxidation of SO2 by H2O2 in sodium chloride particles." Atmos. Environ., 89C, 2014: pp 731-738.
    • B.N. Fong, K.V. Newhouse, H. Ali, " Effect of Relative Humidity on HCl formation from the reaction of H2SO4 and HNO3 with NaCl particles", Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis, 2015, 116, 1, pp 273-283.
    • B.N.Fong, K.V Newhouse, M.J. Huss, E.Roberts, J.T. Kennon, H. Ali ," Investigating the Effect of Stratospheric Radiation on Seed Germination and Growth.", Journal of Arkansas Academy of Science, 2015, 69, 36-40.
    • B. Fong, J.Jones, K. Newhouse, H. Ali.,"Aerosol Chemical Composition and Size Speciation in Northeast Arkansas," Arkansas Aerospace Proceedings, 2016, 2, 25-30.
    • B.Fong, J.T Kennon, H.Ali, "Mole Ratio Dependence of the Mutual Deliquescence Relative Humidity of Aqueous Salts of  Atmospheric Importance," Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2016 ,120(20),3596-3601. DOI:10.1021/ acs.jpca.6b02706. 
    • S.D.Al-Ahmari, K.Watson, B.N.Fong, R.M.Ruyonga, H. Ali, "Adsorption kinetics of 4-n-Nonylphenol on hematite and goethite",  Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2018, 6(4), 4030-4036.
    • M. Abugazleh, B. Rougeau, H. Ali, " Adsorption of catechol and hydroquinone on titanium oxide and iron (III) oxide", Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2020, (8), 104180.