Arkansas State University
Department of Chemistry
and Physics
Study Guides

Study guides are available for students enrolled in Introduction to Chemistry (CHEM1003), General Chemistry I (CHEM1013) and General Chemistry II (CHEM1023).  The study guides are listed according to course number.
Introduction to Chemistry
Exam 1 - Metric System,  Significant Figures, Unit Conversions, Density, Review of Math, Operation of Calculators
Exam 2 - Chemical Symbols, Atomic Theory, Periodic Table, Writing Formulas, Naming Compounds 
          Periodic Tables - metals/nonmetals; physical states
          Flow Chart - Nomenclature
Exam 3 - Stoichiometry, Mole Concept, Percent Composition, Empirical and Molecular  Formulas, Writing and Balancing Equations
Exam 4 - Theoretical yield, Limiting reactants, Solutions, Molarity, Dilutions
Exam 5 - Gas Laws

General Chemistry I
Exam 1 - Atoms, Molecules and Ions, Nomenclature
           Flow Chart - Nomenclature
Exam 2 - Stoichiometry Review
Exam 3 - Types of Reactions: Redox, Acid-Base Chemistry, Thermochemical
           Acids and Bases
Exam 4 - Atomic and Electronic Structure
Exam 5 - Chemical Bonding; Molecular Structure
           Rules for determining Lewis Dot Structures
Exam 6 - Gases

General Chemistry II
Exam 1 - Solids and Liquids; 
Exam 2 - Solutions; Thermodynamics
Exam 3 - Kinetics; Chemical Equilibria
Exam 4 - Acid-Base Chemistry; Equilibria
           Acids and Bases
Exam 5- Ksp; Electrochemistry; Organic Chemistry
         Flow chart for determining class of Organic compounds

Revised 3/7/11

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