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"People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like." (Lincoln)

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Here are some sites and bits of material that are largely political and hugely useful; note that there is a special religion and politics page linked from that course.

that's news to me: links to newspapers, magazines, & other sources of information

where (& what) in the world?

religion and politics


data analysis

editorial marks

Schadenfreude and other words, phrases: linguistic, etymological sources online

Sprechen Sie Polisci?: selected list of ways in which political scientists use (abuse?) common words, otherwise known as political science jargon, with indications of where credit is due

" " (wordy stuff)

sources: bibliographic information on many of the works cited on this site and other useful items

tips for doing research



random questions from my son




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Frost Free Library, 2006

Frost Free Library, 2006